Still Life Workshop: Celebrating the Beauty of Floral Design in Utah

Today we’re thrilled to showcase this selection of beautiful images, floral designs, and moments from the Still Life Workshop in Utah. With design inspiration ranging from fruity pops to clean, crisp design, we hope that you will find incredible ideas for your own wedding!

More from Ashley of Tinge Floral, one of the co-hosts of Still Life:
“We were both born and raised in Utah, where the landscapes are so diverse and inspiring. You can travel a few hours in any direction and be in red rock deserts, lush mountain meadows, or big open salt flats. While I’ve been fortunate enough to teach in many places, Utah is my home and so much inspiration and beauty lies here. A modern, boutique hotel nestled in the mountains of Park City seemed like the perfect setting for a flower workshop and retreat. Washington School House Hotel was the obvious choice with its minimal interior design, luxury accommodations, and attentive staff.

We called the workshop Still Life: The Study of Flowers. The Dutch Masters have greatly inspired this technique of floral design that has a much more natural approach. It’s a style that makes the viewer feel as if the stems were growing from the vessel itself, just as they would in a garden. We loved that the name felt calming, that it implied a sense of being still and enjoying moments of beauty in all things.

With this workshop we wanted to focus on three main points: education, experience and community. In teaching previously and with this workshop, I focused very heavily on making sure each student left feeling reignited in their craft and with new knowledge to apply toward their future work. Having a beautiful experience and leaving with a new community of friends was equallyimportant to us. Washington School House Hotel was an absolute dream at accomplishing these goals. Not only is the hotel impeccably designed, but the staff is extraordinary. Additionally, the hotel has only 13 rooms, which created a very intimate feeling throughout. The students were able to all stay together, enjoy each other’s company and at the same time be waiting on hand and foot by the staff.

We were fortunate to have Nicole Land of Soil and Stem join us for a magnificent large scale urn arrangement demonstration has such a way with foraged elements that made her the perfect fit for Still Life.

The concept of the welcome dinner was a true collaboration between me and Emily. We wanted it to really exemplify our love for simplicity and intentional design, while at the same time present a modern interpretation of the Dutch still life paintings that inspired the overall workshop. It focused on the colors of the citrus and florals, how they connected their textures, their placement, and their relationships to the objects around them.

During the welcome dinner each student introduced themselves and explained something that truly inspires their creative process. We couldn’t have imagined a better response and in turn a feeling of community that lasted throughout the workshop.”

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Workshop Hosts: Tinge FloralGatherist | Photography: Jill Thomas assisted by Ciara Richardson | Venue: The Washington Schoolhouse | Paper Goods/Branding: Kaela Rawson | Rentals: Alpine Event RentalsDecoration Inc. | Dinnerware and white ceramic vases: The Ark | Ribbon sponsors: Frou Frou Chic and Silk and Willow | Cake: Pippa Cakery | Floral Sponsor: Mayesh Wholesale | Dress: Leanne Marshall | Guest Teacher: Soil and Stem