Feminine, Minimal Wedding Floral Design

Sometimes, all it takes to inspire something beautiful is one tiny element that takes you by surprise. In this case, Madison from Hart Floral Design noticed and dwelled on the Queen Anne’s Lace growing wild in Oregon all summer. She chose to work with plenty of it for this editorial, creating a feminine yet minimal aesthetic that is certainly enviable.

Read on for more from the florist, Hart Floral Design:
“In Oregon all summer long the best Queen Anne’s Lace grow along roads and in between cracks in the sidewalk. It’s the kind with long strong stems and firm buds opening from tiny to large. Lately, I’ve been minimizing my process and materials as a designer by playing with shape and the expectation of what makes something look wild or natural, modern or contemporary. What’s the most interesting thing I can make with just one variety of flower? Is asymmetry essential for a natural design? This work is an exploration of that.

We brought in a model in a simple nude dress to give the flowers a sense of place and offer more opportunities for layering in the compositions.”

Photography: Maria Lamb Photography | Floral & Design: Hart Floral Design | MUAH: Olivia Hawthorne  Dress: Reformation | Shoes: Anthropologie | Model: Tessa Shull