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Setting The Scene. Gorgeous Ideas for Your Outdoor Vow Renewal Ceremony.

vow renewal ceremony ideas
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Is it your anniversary or are you just looking for an excuse to share your everlasting love once again with your spouse? No matter the reason, at Team Wedding we’re all about a vow renewal ceremony as a great idea for couples. If the two of you feel most at home outdoors, hold your vow renewal reception outdoors. Sure, most people choose to renew vows in a house of worship, but why not get some fresh air we say. It is so much more fun and you can really get creative with decorations and scenery. If you both love the outdoors, why not set up your backyard or choose a beautiful winery for your vow renewal ceremony.

With that in mind, this post is focused on sharing some of our favorite ideas for an outdoor vow renewal ceremony. These ideas are perfect for a garden or backyard vow renewal and can really help you create that rustic yet elegant vow renewal vibe.

We love this outdoor entrance door, it is such a fun idea. If you have children, it is a great idea to have them greet guests at the door and usher them to their seats.

outdoor vow renewal
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Create unique vow renewal decorations by taking a walk down memory lane. Draw inspiration from your favorite summer memories spent at the beach, in your grandmother’s garden, picnicking at the lake, or relaxing at your favorite outdoor spots. Keep things casual and rustic with things like galvanized buckets or watering cans with daisies or wildflowers. Old looking timber and raw landscapes combine really well together. Potted flowering plants are another great option, plus they can then be planted in your garden. Go all out with wine caskets, the greenery in the background combines so well with the worn timber finish.

vow renewal ceremony ideas
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vow renewal outdoors
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If you’re planning an evening reception, lighting is a very important decorating element.  There are several excellent options to create the perfect ambiance for your reception, but few are as fun as lighting the illuminating the path to the vow ceremony. You could use white twinkle lights to bring the stars closer and twine them through trees, along fences, and through railings. Another idea is to use Chinese lanterns to add color during the early evening and then create a wonderful flattering light as the sun sets.

wedding vow ideas
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wedding vows renewal
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outdoor vows
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