Second Marriage FAQs: The Wedding Party

second wedding wedding party

Okay, so your best friend is getting married…again. Have a few questions regarding the wedding party? Check out what you should do, what you don’t have to do, and what you can do if you want:

Do Maid of Honor Duties Change?

Not necessarily. They may be modified to suit certain things, such as lack of train, but generally, you’re expected to do the same stuff.

Do I Need Second Wedding Etiquette Education to Help the Bride Out?

As with first unions, most brides are appreciative of feedback, help and support. You can school yourself if you want to help her out, but the main thing is you help her out!

What Kind of Shower is Suitable?

Some second-time brides may not want a shower, while others revel in it. If yours is the former, think fun day or weekend trips–hiking, the beach, spa days, etc. And while the remarrying bride may already have a lot of the stuff she needs, she could still want other things, such as new décor for her new house. If she’s created a registry, you’ll want to pick from that.

How Do I Shower a Bride Who Doesn’t Want a Shower and Otherwise Wants to Keep Things Low-Key?

Just listen! Discuss what she wants with her and plan accordingly. She may just want one-on-one time with you, or a more traditional experience such as a small tea party. Your job is to support her and help her, and remember, the idea is to do things together!

Are Attendants Appropriate?

She’ll definitely need witnesses–usually the Maid of Honor and the Best Man–but any two adults can help with this. The bride may not want as many attendants this time, or prefer her kids or parents stand up there with her. Whatever else, there’s no reason she can’t have as many people as she likes up there at the alter!

Any Interesting Theme Shower Ideas for the Second-Time Bride Who Already Has Everything?

Classes are always a fun time–think cooking, ballroom dancing, sculpting, or special events, such as concerts and shows. Museum days are also great options, so look for certificates and gift cards with these themes in mind.

Keep these tips in mind and have fun!!