Rent Your Wedding Jewelry

I’m a big fan of Adorn Brides a website where you can rent your wedding jewelry.  Think about it, even if you could afford to buy jewelry like that, would you really have a place to wear it again? (And around your house doesn’t count).

Adorn Brides Adorn BridesAdorn Brides Adorn Brides

With Adorn Brides, you can rent some truly stunning diamond or gemstone jewelry for your wedding – at a very reasonable cost (insurance and shipping included).  And they can even suggest what jewelry might compliment your dress best.

We sent them this Lara Helene Atelier dress, and asked them what they would pair with it:

Lara Helene Atelier, Size 4

They suggested:

Adorn Brides

I do thing both sets would look great with the dress and can you even imagine wearing your dream dress and then topping it off with $20,000 of bling.

Start drooling now on their website.  And if you use promo code POWD, you can save 20% on your rental.