5 Wedding Bouquet Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Want a bouquet that looks amazing but doesn’t cost a fortune? There are easy ways to save on your bridal bouquet without sacrificing style.  We asked floral experts from around the country how you can get a stylish bouquet that doesn’t break the bank. Here are 5 of their brilliant, budget-friendly ideas:

Think Big!
Your bridal bouquet doesn’t have to be gigantic to make a major statement, but picking a single large bloom at the center of it will create volume and can be enhanced by the flowers around it.  Sasha Souza, Event Designer at Sasha Souza Events in Napa, California recommends picking a single peony, large succulent, or a dahlia for the center of your bouquet, and then use less expensive filler flowers around it. “This will cut down on the cost of using just the more expensive flowers and create a focal point in the bouquet.”

5 budget friendly wedding bouquet ideas
Photo Paul Morse with Sasha Souza Events

Go Green
Not only is green the pantone color of 2017, it’s also a very popular and classic hue for a  wedding.  Marilisa Martel Schachinger of Martel Event suggests that brides consider the ratio of greenery filler to actual blooms. “More greenery can actually have greater visual impact against a bride’s white gown,” she explains. Using greens and grasses in your bouquet can bring down the cost, while also looking modern and quite chic.

5 budget friendly wedding bouquet ideas
Photo:  Lauren Carnes with Martel Event

Consider Herbs, Fruits and Veggies
Think outside the box by using non-traditional elements that pack a powerful and colorful punch. Souza suggests herbs, fruits and vegetables, such as a kumquat or purple artichoke instead of cut flowers to make a statement.  If you love green for example, how about broccoli, limes or artichokes…..you’d be surprised how elegant even cabbage can look in a bouquet.  “Herbs are a budget-friendly option that can make as much of a statement as a bouquet of peonies,” she adds.  A bouquet of lavender will look, and smell, great, and the calming factor is an added bonus!  “For the bride who wants traditional flowers, a bouquet of roses filled with herbs such as sage and rosemary is both beautiful and inexpensive,” explains Susan Caruso of Santa Monica EventMate.


Photo: Union Photography

Consider Unconventional Flowers
Not sure what blooms to pick?  Go for something unexpected and even un-traditional, which can look quite lovely.  “People often underestimate the power of a Gerbera Daisy or Carnation when mixed with the right accents in a bouquet,” says Katherine Leong of San Francisco’s EventMate.  You may be presently surprised at what your florist can design for you.

5 budget friendly wedding bouquet ideas

Photo: Katherine Leong

Stay Local
If you’re looking to cut costs importing Dutch tulips won’t help.  Using flowers from your area is guaranteed to keep costs down, when compared to shipping blooms from other countries in for your wedding.  And there are other creative ways to use local resources too. Karen Emery of A Wedding For You had a bride who really thought ahead and it paid off. “We literally had a bride plant a rose garden the week after getting engaged and she used those roses a year later in her wedding,” she shares. “It was personal and beautiful.”

5 budget friendly wedding bouquet ideas