Renewing Your Vows: 8 Fun Ideas

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There’s plenty of reasons for renewing your vows and planning an epic celebration! Perhaps you eloped in Vegas the first time or your wedding day wasn’t the intimate event you hoped for.

Whether you’re looking to celebrate 20 magical years of wedded goodness or want a big do-over, check out 8 Fun Ideas for Renewing Your Vows:

Get Creative. Or Funky. Or Something.

Maybe you too nervous wear that tiara or otherwise encrust yourself with glitter the first time around.  Now is the time to embrace your inner wild child and get funky! Wear that light pink gown you dreamed about, or go the “zombie bride” route and encourage everyone in the “wedding party” to follow suit.

This is your big chance to do things your way and be the fantasy bride you always wanted to be!

Make it a Destination Event

Did your first wedding day get so big you felt it wasn’t about you anymore? Plan a destination vow renewal and dedicate the entire thing to you and your hubby. When renewing vows, you don’t have to worry about inviting everyone you’ve ever met, plus their extended family. Make it as intimate as you want and renew at a fabulous ski resort, or a tropical island, or even a European city! Saying ‘I Do’ once again will provides that chance to feel like you two are the only ones in the room, because this time 200 people aren’t watching your every move.

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Get the Kiddies Involved

Do you look at your wedding album and wish your spawn could have been there to help celebrate? Include them when renewing your vows and make them part of this special ceremony. If renewing vows after your first decade of marriage, ask your young son or daughter to be the ring bearer or flower girl. On the other hand, if your children are teens or adults, ask them to give you away or stand with you as you say ‘I Do.’

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Throw a Big Shindig

It’s been 2o or 40 years since the big day, and you’ve probably acquired a lot more friends and family members. So why not throw a huge shindig after renewing your vows and let everyone know to stop by whenever they want, in whatever they want. Tell them to forget dress code and gifts, and just to bring their dancing shoes and party ‘tudes.

Destination beach wedding inspiration

Write Your Own Vows

Writing your own vows allows you to be creative and talk about your unique love story. You probably said the traditional vows at your wedding, but this time you get to make everyone laugh and otherwise have fun. Share that funny story of how you met or how he tripped over the ring bearer on your wedding day!

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Host a Surprise Vow Renewal

Surprise your spouse with a vow renewal, or surprise your children, other family and friends! Turn your “anniversary party” into a vow renewal ceremony, and create a lovely surprise for everyone involved.

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Plan the Honeymoon You Never Got to Have

Any number of reasons can seriously postpone a honeymoon, such as budget issues, no time off work, or moving into a new home. Now, 20 years later, you have money to renew your vows and enjoy a special vacation. Plan the honeymoon you never got to have and don’t forget to alert the hotel so they can give you that special “newlywed” treatment!

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Opt for a Cruise Ship Vow Renewal

Set sail and say ‘I Do’ all over again while on your way to, well, anywhere! If you were already planning to celebrate your wedding anniversary with a cruise, why not make it a vow renewal celebration? Plenty of cruise lines offer vow renewal packages, plus they’re way cheaper than the wedding versions!


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Make renewing your vows as grand or not as you want. This is the time to reflect on the amazing relationship you share with your partner, and invite guests who couldn’t be there the first time.  Just remember that renewing your vows should be fun and less stressful than the first time.

Do you have any plans to renew your vows?

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