Re-Tying The Knot: Vow Renewal Questions Answered

renewal of vows
photo credit: Paolo Margari via photopin cc
renewal of vows
photo credit: Paolo Margari via photopin cc

Renewal of vows. It’s a marriage trend beloved by Hollywood — Madonna and Guy Ritchie renewed their vows at their Ashocombe country estate in Wiltshire, England, though they later divorced. Robert De Niro and his wife said “I do” again at their Ulster County farm in New York’s Catskill Mountains, while David Beckham planned a lavish vow renewal event for his wife, Victoria. Recommitting to your partner with a vow renewal ceremony is increasingly popular, so if you’ve got some questions on how to go about it, we’ve got the answers! Here are our simple wedding renewal vows suggestions.

Why Renew Wedding Vows?

To celebrate! Perhaps you’ve been married 10, 25, or 50 years and you want the world to know you’d gladly do it all over again. Maybe you wish to reaffirm your commitment to each other following a rough period–whatever your inspiration, there’s no wrong reason to renew! Remember the timing, however — it’s generally a good idea to avoid renewing in the same year you married, unless you had a small, faraway ceremony  *cough* Vegas *cough* and want to make your vows public to everyone you know.

Who Will Host The Vow Renewal Ceremony?

While many couples host their renewals, some have their children do it. Here’s a trend we love: the couple’s closest friends, such the original Maid of Honor and Best Man, host the vow renewal. And don’t feel like you have to go the secular event hall or outdoor space route for the ceremony — plenty of churches make beautiful, meaningful venues. Since a vow renewal is not legally binding, feel free to pick whomever you want to officiate, whether it be a clergyperson, close friend,  relative, or even your children!

What Happens When Renewing Vows?

The basic idea is to exchange vows as you did for your wedding. Recite the same words if desired, or write new ones to mark this special occasion, talk about your relationship and how you feel now. After this you’ll exchange rings-either engrave your original bands, or purchase new rings for the renewal–upgrading jewelry is never a bad thing! Have children, close relatives and special friends do readings and play meaningful music as per a wedding ceremony.

What About the Vow Renewal Reception?

Once vows are spoken, rings are exchanged, and you make your way back down the aisle, it’s time to get funky! The reception can be anything you like, such as an intimate family gathering, a large, sit-down affair, or a beach party. Plan for dancing, cake, and plenty of toasts. Bring your original wedding album to show guests if you want, as well as family snapshots taken during your years together. Be sure to hire a photographer to capture this event on film — you might want to renew again in another 20 years!



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