Adding Personal Touches to Your Vow Renewals

vow renewal ideas
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Adding Personal Touches to Your Vow Renewals

People are often relatively nervous going into the renewal of their vows, with many unsure about how to best celebrate their day. Much like with first weddings and original ceremonies, there really is no set ‘correct way’ to do things and, as a result, you cannot do anything wrong. One great idea is to incorporate as many personal touches as possible. Here are just a couple of ideas to whet your appetite.

The Ceremony

The easiest way to add personal touches is during the ceremony itself. If you and your partner have a child, you should seriously consider getting them as involved in the ceremony as is possible. If nothing else, they’ll make an excellent ring bearer for the occasion. Remember, the ceremony itself should be a celebration of your life together so far and the beginning of a new journey together. If you have a relative that is too young or old to be present, then consider commemorating them at the occasion, an item like personalised commemorative cufflinks will make sure they’re there in spirit at least.

Guest List and Venue

Vow renewals are a time for mass celebration, so invite as many people as possible. Hopefully you’ll still be in touch with all of the people that were at your original ceremony and will now have even more friends to join in the fun. Make your reception venue a huge party to celebrate the occasion, and select somewhere that means something to you. A bland function room isn’t personal at all. Why not try the place you first met or the place you shared that first romantic kiss instead?


One you’ve decided on your venue, you’ll need to make sure that you decorate it suitably. Make sure that you have as many pictures and photographs up as possible. If you make your seating plan appropriate to how you know people, you can even leave little touches on the table that remind your guests of the times you spent together. Something individual and personal always goes down well as a favour.  

To conclude, there really is no set way to renew your vows, and you should do what you think is best for you and your partner. One common way of making the process more memorable, however, is adding small personal touches. These will make the ceremony unique to you and will create memories that will last a lifetime.