Peaceful Outdoor Wedding & Bridal Portraits

 We’ve often felt that simplicity reigns supreme, especially when it comes to wedding design. The way your wedding details are chosen and designed speaks to what elements of the celebration are important to you, and why. This peaceful outdoor wedding and bridal portrait session from a recent photography workshop shows us just how wonderful simplicity can be. Here’s the recipe for designing a peaceful outdoor wedding: a soft, flowing dress and springy bridal bouquet, Spanish moss blowing in the breeze, and an elegant reception table set with statement-making yet minimal floral arrangements. Read on for more from Event Designer and Stylist, Lacy Geary:

“For this workshop I wanted to create shoots that would provide a strong base in style for the attendees. I wanted to make sure that they had something to shoot that would be beneficial in their growth in learning film photography. It was very important to me to design a shoot that was artistic as well as realistic.

In designing the style for the workshop I looked to the venue for a large part of the inspiration. RiverOaks is a gorgeous European inspired venue in Charleston, SC and the architecture was the perfect backdrop to our design. I wanted to pull in the elegant simplicity of European style with a color palette of rich tones in the florals as well as textures. The movement of the water and age old oak trees was also used as a source of inspiration.

My main vision for the styling of each shoot was to focus on simplicity, light and an organic feel. Shop Gossamer provided a beautiful dress that flowed and moved so effortlessly. It fit perfectly with the environment and accentuated our brides soft features.  The venue offered multiple areas of different light. This was the perfect atmosphere to teach the workshop attendees the way film captures light and to also build on what they know of film already.

RiverOaks also allowed them to see how one location can offer so many different feelings and emotions. The florals from Amy Osaba used multiple textures and tones as a nice juxtaposition to the environment and simplicity of design. They not only incorporated rich tones but also helped to enhance the design and style they were an integral part of. Every element of this venue was a perfect complement to the elegance and natural flow of my design and offered multi-faceted depth for the attendees to build their skills.”

Styling and Design Lacy Geary | Photography Kylie Martin | Venue RiverOaks Charleston | Florals Amy Osaba | Ring Susie Saltzman | Gown  Gossamer | Hair and Makeup Mikel Rumsey | Cake  Tessa Pinner | Workshop Belle Lumière | Calligraphy Brown Linen Design | Ribbon Stella Wolfe | Film lab Photovision | Ring box  The Mrs. Box | Model Madeline Pendley