“No Kids Allowed” Wedding Etiquette Tips

You allowed kids to come to your first wedding, and for whatever reason it was a disaster that scarred you for life. If you would rather not do the same for your second wedding but would rather not offend anyone, don’t panic. There’s plenty you can do to ensure ankle-biters do not attend your wedding.


The venue you select for your wedding is a great way to let guests know your event is for adults only. For example, you could throw your wedding at a winery! Super-formal venues are also indications that children are probably not welcome.

The Wording

When it comes to planning a kid-free wedding, it’s all in the wording. Write “Adult-Only Reception” at the bottom of your invitation, or “Please come and enjoy an adult evening at the [name] Winery.” If you go with the former wording, you might get some backlash, but that’s too darn bad. It’s your wedding and it is sans children if you want it to be. Noting that your wedding is for adults only on the invitation is very clear. Failing to do so and sending an email after the invites are sent…well, that’s less clear in addition to being annoying.

Defending Your Choice

In light of the aforementioned backlash, it’s important to defend your position. You might very well get angry emails or phone calls demanding why your friend’s “precious kids” are not allowed at your wedding ceremony or reception. Defend your position politely, but do not break. If you allow some people to bring their little shavers to your wedding but not others, you’re going to deal with seriously-miffed guests. Even if they do not say anything to you on your wedding day, you can expect angry words when you get back from your honeymoon.

Stand firm, but stay polite. Good luck!