Tips For Moving In Together After The Wedding

For many happily married couples, the thought of moving in together only culminates after the ceremony and honeymoon. After all, you’ll want to be sure that you’re serious about each other before making the step toward living together. While it’s true that a lot of modern couples would have already moved in together well before you’ve even had a chance to say, “I do,” living under the same roof is a big step that many others don’t take lightly.

To help you survive the process that is moving in with your newly married partner, read some of these useful tips!

Learn to pick your battles

Unless your partner is perfect in every single way, then they never leave a mess, are quiet at all times, and always complete the chores without being asked. Of course, no one is this perfect, but it’s never a great idea to pick fights over every single thing you think they do wrong. They might be doing a lot to support you and the house that you might not even know about, plus, it makes for a hostile environment when it’s only arguments about how to fix things. Most problems can be solved in a friendly, less accusatory way. For example, if your partner struggles with putting dirty plates in the dishwasher, jokingly ask them if they are waiting for the plate fairy to come and whisk these away!

Always value alone time

Now that you’re married and living together, should you spend every waking moment in a loving embrace? Well, not quite. Dinners and watching movies together are great, but it’s incredibly important to have alone time, too. Whether that’s a bit of gardening, reading, playing video games, or whatever it might be, some activities spent alone is healthy to make sure you don’t drive each other mad. A few hours here and there simply doing your own thing apart will help keep the relationship stable.

Think about home decoration together

It might be the case that both of you already owns an apartment or house, which means that a choice has to be made about where you both live. However, it could also happen that you’d prefer to find a brand new place together and choose the decoration, furniture, etc. As you’ll both be living here, the two of you should have a say on how the place should look like. Try to compromise when possible – perhaps you could pick the paint for the walls and your partner could focus on lighting. Also, think about what to do if you both have so much furniture from previous homes. Many couples are choosing full service storage possibilities, like this example in New York, as a way to solve the problem of owning too many things.

Keep doing date nights

Remember those days and nights spent getting to know each other, like at the cinema, bars and restaurants, art gallery, fairground, and so on? They were blissful times and fun dates, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop them completely just because you’re married and live together! To keep your relationship strong and interesting, keep planning fun events and try visiting new places. You want to keep the spark of those first date nights alive with adventure and excitement at all times.