A Modern, Neutral, and Comfortable Approach to Styling Children in Weddings by Photographer Emily Michelson

From Emily, the photographer:  “Should children be invited to weddings? If they are invited, shouldn’t they be comfortable? In my opinion, children’s wedding outfits are often overlooked. Puffy, white dresses and restricting suits paired silk ties and handkerchiefs are a no go. Children shouldn’t be uncomfortable and itchy for a full day of wedding festivities. If your child happens to score an invitation, these smart outfits from Zara come with our little groomsmen’s stamp of approval. Neutral tones mixed with soft cotton makes for perfect formal wear and breathable comfort. These brothers were the best models. Stylish, creative floral designer and mother of the two boys, Svitlana Mashtaler,  created this background masterpiece from foraged materials. Svitlana created intricately design boutonnieres for each child out of dried floral elements inspired by childhood’s outdoor adventures complete with simple elegant stationery by Andrée-Anne D of Acétate La Boite to match.” Photographer: Emily Michelson | Floral Designer: Svitlana Mashtaler | Stationary:  Andrée-Anne D | Clothing: Zara