Neutral Minimalism Made This Airy and Light Post-Wedding Sunday Brunch a Contemporary Dream

From Michaela, the stylist: 

“With our editorial we wanted to authentically capture a unique atmosphere. A story that would feel light and airy, minimal and contemporary, but at the same time relatable and warm. Real feelings and natural actions.

We set this brunch table at the end of a long wedding editorial shoot day for real couple Sophie and Matt. After a full day of shooting a real vow ceremony, wedding portraits and a wedding dinner. Once the excitement of meeting an entire wedding editorial team and standing in front of the camera had settled, once we all felt acquainted and comfortable with each other and the beautiful environment at Gimo Herrgård, the feeling was exactly what we had hope for.

As wedding designers, one of our very favorite moments of a wedding weekend is the farewell brunch on Sunday. After the big wedding day has passed, the couple has dropped all nervousness, nobody is pressed for time. Everybody relaxes and simply enjoys the morning over some delicious food and drinks. That atmosphere, in our books, is unbeatable. The room is filled with this warm contentment. It becomes all about family and friends, being together, and sharing a meal before most guests will say their goodbyes to head their separate ways again.”

Sophie & Matt Isabelle | Photographer: Hesselberg of 2 Brides | Stylist/Planner, Floral Designer, and Stationary: Nord and Mae |  Hair and Makeup Artist: The WOW Closet | Venue: Gimo Herrgård | Bridal Top: Jurgita Bridal | Groom’s Jacket: Sauma | Tableware and Ceramics: Sara Savijoki |