Miscellaneous Stress Continues!

beckersHi folks!

Well, premarital counseling last week was great. You know it’s good when the guy doing your counseling says, “This is not an approval process” and then goes on to tell horror stories of couples he’s known who have been advised not to marry for ridiculous reasons. Seriously–he once did a last-minute wedding gig because the pastor had dropped out a week before the wedding, refusing to marry the couple because the man getting married said that he hadn’t been attracted to his fiancee at first sight. Weird!

So Jarrod and I had a big sigh of relief. We’re gettin’ married! Bob (our pastor for the wedding and our premarital counselor) has already shown himself to be really good at analyzing the insĀ and outs of our relationship. It’s really funny, too. One of the things he had each of us do was to write down (without peeking at the other’s paper) the reasons we’re getting married. My reason was, “Because I love Jarrod! And he loves me! And we want to spend the rest of our lives together!”, while Jarrod gave a very logical response–I’ll make a great companion, our goals match, etc. This, in a few words, summarizes the main difference between Jarrod and me: Jarrod is very logical and rational, while I’m all about emotion.

Anyway, so wedding stuff. I’ve been avoiding dealing with the bridesmaid dress situation, but I really need to get this taken care of, seeing as the wedding is in 123 days! Um, I have this procrastination problem…Really all I need to do is go and spend some time at a fabric store, which I’m planning on doing after my root canal on Thursday (woop woop), since I’m taking work off early.

Jarrod’s mom and Kristen, one of my bridesmaids, have been browsing around JoAnn fabrics for pattern and fabric ideas. The biggest problem I’m having with my strategy to make the girls’ dresses is that dresses that can be made in cotton fabric are hard to come across. Well, not too hard I guess, but a lot of patterns recommend more flowy, organza or chiffon-like fabrics.

Which kind of defeats the whole purpose of having these made, right? I mean, I can send my girls to David’s Bridal to pick out any lavender dress of their choice. Well, we’ll see what I find at JoAnns on Thursday.

And then there’s the registry. Jarrod…well, he discovered Ikea, which I think is Swedish for “Cheap and awesome household goodness”. That’s a rough translation, of course. So now he’s wanting to revamp the entire registry, which will take time, patience, and caffeine. We were going to do it on Saturday, but now we’re going skiing instead! Silly mountains. We’ll find a time though.

I mean, we could have done it this weekend, but I didn’t want to bring it up, because I saw how distressed he got the last time we tried to register. So instead we spent the evening watching 2001: A Space Odyssey (okay, weird movie.), and then on Monday he called me and said, “Okay Em. We need to change our registry.” And I said, “Yeah…we really do.”

And then there’s the honeymoon–don’t even get me started! This is what we know for sure. We know that we have transportation to Greece and a hotel room once we get to Santorini. And we know that we will spend the rest of June backpacking around Europe. This is all we know.

I just need to calm down. Things will work themselves out, this much I am sure of. One step at a time!

(PS–The picture at the top of the page is the dress that my sister has chosen. Isn’t it wonderful? It’s so Becca! I might have to make one for myself while I’m at it.)