Carrying Your Wedding Dress On The Airplane

My husband and I eloped to Costa Rica.  Our beach wedding was everything we wanted.  And because it was just the two of us, no (stress inducing) planning was required.

But, the one thing I do remember worrying about was how to get my wedding dress there safely.  (I ended up folding it into a Banana Republic shirt box and holding it tightly on my lap for the entire flight).

Now, the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists has created a Destination Wedding Kit designed so you carry your wedding dress on the plane without worry.

The kit ($52.95) contains a sturdy carrying carton specially designed to fit into the overhead compartment of the plane.  That way, you can carry it in your hot little hand through security and don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in transit or lost as luggage changes planes. Destination Wedding Kit

The kit comes with a 20” x 17” x 7” acid-free container, acid-free paper for packing, packing instructions, a stain stick for wedding-day emergencies, and the shipping carton.  And it even comes with a coupon worth $35 toward the cost of cleaning and preserving the gown after the wedding.

Kits are available from any member of the Association and on their website.  Now you can take “how in the world will I ever get my wedding dress down there” off of your list.