Masculine & Feminine II–The Trousseau

If you start with a really rough, masculine space, you can actually add a lot of lace before things get out of control. I want to especially point out the linens…this is something we don’t do much of any more but back in the day, linens were a major part of a woman’s trousseau (Trousseau (tr’oo so or troo so’): a woman’s possessions such as clothing, lingerie and linens that accompany her into marriage. The origin of Trousseau is taken from the French trousse, meaning a small bundle). Pandora, who has the most amazing collection of European linens I’ve ever seen–and a spirit as soothing as the linens–explained to me that part of preparing for marriage used to mean creating beautiful linens: pillows, sheets, bed covers, tablecloths, hankies…everything you’d need in those pre-registry pre-disposable days. While I realize this is a bit of a lost art, I think it’s a beautiful idea to invest in or even try a hand at making some special textiles at the start of your marriage that will last a lifetime and hopefully longer.

image credits: 1, 7: Once Wed photos of antique pillows from Pandora de Balthazar; 2. Once Wed photo of a collection of hankies from the Brimfield Market; 3, 5. Mikkel Vang for Gourmet; 4. Rebecca Thuss; 6. Jose Villa and Flowerwild for Once Wed

Ok…and I just have to say: while visiting Pandora, I tried out the Sleep System she has developed and it is one of the most amazing, luxurious, fabulous thing I have ever experienced and I highly recommend it. If you have a hard time sleeping or just like the finer things…this is for real. Go ahead, call me a raving fan.