Learn Florals From Sarah Winward


In the world of wedding florals, Sarah Winward is regarded as one of the masters of natural-inspired design. Her style is not only visually beautiful; it is brimming with meaning and life.

We are thrilled today to officially launch Sarah’s new digital course, The Nature of Wedding Floral Design, developed in partnership with Once Wed and If I Made.

To make her teachings most relevant to you and your stage of professional development, Sarah has created two separate learning opportunities: A design-focussed course exploring her floral philosophy, design and execution; and a business add-on sharing her experiences of creating a thriving floral business. You can purchase them individually, or as a package deal.

We had The Nature of Wedding Floral Design tested by a cross-section of florists at various stages in their careers. They identified the following as their greatest takeaways from Sarah’s teachings.

  • Gaining the confidence and know-how to break design rules
  • Finding confidence in wedding floral pricing
  • Reinvigorating their floral design process
  • Learning new and inspired ways to work with color
  • Knowledge, tips and tricks on wedding design, installation and execution
  • Adding natural movement to arrangements
  • Charing correctly for time and labor
  • Attracting the ideal client
  • Being inspired to grow their floral business

If you are a floral designer in any stage of your career, a floral business owner, or even a floral enthusiast looking to explore the world of flowers a little more, The Nature of Wedding Floral Design will resonate with you.

The course is officially ON SALE TODAY. Register before May 5 and save $200 off the regular retail price of the design course, or the combined design + business package deal.