Lavender Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas Potted Lavender PlantWedding Reception Decoration Ideas Lavender Votive

Here’s another example of how a simple potted plant can be used in your wedding reception decoration ideas. We just set a pot of lavender into a nice pot (from Anthropologie) and there you have a centerpiece! This is obviously another piece to add to your  green wedding reception decoration ideas, too, since you can plant the lavender afterward and nothing has gone to waste! (You realize…the amount of lavender plants it would take to have some on all of your reception tables would be pretty awesome lining a walkway in your yard, right…???) And it’s still cheaper to buy a pot of lavender than it is for most florists’ arrangements, so it’s another item to add to your budget-friendly wedding reception decoration ideas, too!

If you have a little more time and fresh lavender, you can snip some sprigs and cover a standard glass votive with the lavender for some lovely, aromatic lighting. We just wrapped a very thin, kind of loose wire around the glass votive and slipped in the sprigs of lavender so that the wire held them all in place. Then we finished it off with a silk ribbon over the wire. This is a nice little DIY but fair warning–you’ll need friends making these the morning of the wedding for them to look fresh and they do take a bit of time so…you’d better have a lot of good friends! 😉 You can view more wedding reception decoration ideas on our wedding ideas page as well as more DIY projects on the DIY weddings page.

Photography: Rylee Hitchner // Styling: Joy Thigpen