How Sarah Winward Creates Movement Through Color

If you’ve ever seen one of Sarah Winward’s floral designs, you’ll know how masterful she is at her use of color.

Listening to her describe how she creates a color palette for an arrangement is both beautiful and inspiring.

“My favorite part of designing a centerpieces is determining the color palette. Colors really get me going! I love finding one stem that inspires me and then building off of that one color to make a palette.

While the overall color palette for a wedding will be consistent, each arrangement takes on a life of its own. The underside of a leaf, the center of a flower that’s a different color; when I’m making a centerpiece, finding those little moments is when I get really lost in the design.”

Today Sarah is sharing with us her thoughts on color and how she uses it to create movement in an arrangement.

CLICK HERE to learn more and watch Sarah designing a centerpieces.