Homemade Wedding Cakes 1


Today I’m excited to kick off a week all about cakes! I teamed up with Ashley Meaders of The Flashdance to come up with some easy DIY wedding cake ideas and then Meagan did all the photography. The three of us had an exciting week of baking, icing and crafting as we assembled everything for these simple wedding cakes that anyone can do. We all had a lot of fun working on this series and I hope that you can find some inspiration. Here’s a little more from Ashley on the cake idea for today…

Instead of having just one wedding cake, why not have a few! We chose to do vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, but the possibilities are endless. Maybe you could even have a survey of some sorts on the reply postcards or your wedding website where your guests can choose the flavors for the wedding day.


To make the “XO” cake topper, take a piece of white poster board and cut out the letters. Then glue the letters, face down, onto your fabric. Once dry, go back with scissors and trim away the excess fabric so that you’re left with clean and crisp letters. Using a hot glue gun, attached toothpicks to the bottom of the letters so that you can secure the letters onto the cake. You can also use this same idea to create you and your significant others’ initials.

To make this garland you simply cut up small squares of your favorite colored fabrics, then take a needle and string the squares on one by one. We kept the color palette monochromatic on each strand, but you can change it up by adding your wedding colors to tie in the day.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for another simple cake idea for your wedding!

Styling by Ashley Meaders

Photography by Meagan Gibson