Homemade Wedding Cake II

Heart Cake Topper Ideas

Today’s simple cake idea is all about hearts! I know that a lot of you were wondering how to make Max + Margaux’s simple cake topper that Ashley created for their wedding back in May so today Ashley is going to tell you how…

I love a simple white cake with something sweet and charming like a heart on top. We made a simple fabric banner that you can hang on the front of the cake table or maybe even on a tree somewhere. All you need is a to cut a heart shape out of fabric and then hand-stitch it onto a piece of fabric. Then you can glue a dowel and then a string to the top.

Here are the steps on how make the fabric heart cake topper:

1. cut 2 exact hearts out of fabric

2. take a needle and thread and hand-stitch around the edge of the 2 heart pieces

3. stop stitching before you get back around to the end, and fill the heart with stuffing until it’s the desired puffiness you want

4. after stuffing, continue to stitch the heart shut completely and then tie off

5. you can then put it on a wooden dowel to stick in the cake (we made a little something extra with paper fringe)

Styling by Ashley Meaders of The Flashdance

Photography by Meagan Gibson

Special thanks for Lauren + Shannon for the cake baking and icing making!