Ginny Au European Workshop Part I

This September, a group of very lucky designers, photographers, florists, and dreamers made the journey to France to learn the art of the creative process from Ginny Au, Ginny Branch, Katie Decker, and Sarah Winward. For those who attended, Ginny’s Creative Process Workshop was simply a dream. Tucked away in the countryside of Dardogne, France, this group of women learned how to embrace their creativity, individual talents, and work with their surroundings. And to make the workshop even more special, Ginny invited Erich McVey to capture the process and shoot the attendees’ work. We can’t wait to share the fruits of their labor with you tomorrow!

From Ginny Au:

It was always a dream to host a workshop in Dordogne, France. Such a humble, secluded environment, allowing the attendees to shut out the pressures and noises from the outside world. This ‘creative process’ workshop took place in two parts; understanding and creating a design and then executing that design in a photo shoot. This first installment tells the beautiful story of 15 attendees foraging from the grounds and local markets to create floral arrangements, prop styling, practice calligraphy and ultimately how inspiration and beauty can be found in the most simple and unexpected objects. The quiet photography of Erich McVey captures the mood and humility we all felt during these 3 days. The perfect preservation of a remarkable group of women coming together to learn and discover.

Photography Erich McVey | Creative Direction Ginny Au | Prop Stylist & Creative Leader Ginny Branch | Floral Design & Creative Leader Sarah Winward | Calligraphy & Creative Leader Katie Decker Hyatt | Makeup & Hair Amy Clarke | Gown: Gossamer Vintage | Photo Scans: PhotoVision Prints