Feeling Confident And Looking Your Best With The Black Tux

Yes, picking the dress usually comes first; but then you realize that picking a tux for your groom is super important too. After all, he will be right next to you in your photos! When you think of renting a tux, your first reaction might not be positive. But The Black Tux has plenty of reasons to make you change your mind. Gone are awkwardly fitting suits made of cheap materials, and a lifetime of embarrassing wedding photos.  They make high-end suits and tuxedos, designed for a better fit, and made with the finest wool available. Just rent online and have a suit worthy of your wedding day delivered to your door.

The Black Tux was created after the founders decided that there was a need for more stylish rentals option for something as important as a wedding. They have reinvented what renting a tux means! No more frumpy, ill-fitting, or out of date suits for grooms. Instead, your groom can choose from modern, trendy, or classic styles, allowing him to show his personality and feel confidently handsome.

All suits and tuxedos from The Black Tux are made of fine Italian wool, with a more tailored fit than the average rental. With dozens of suit and tuxedo choices your groom will be able to find his perfect look. To help the groom complete his unique look, they also offer unique accessories, neckwear, pocket squares and shoes for a one-stop rental experience. If you aren’t quite sure how to complete a look, The Black Tux has created Complete Outfit options of you to choose from. Don’t worry – their price point is very affordable and will definitely leave money in the budget for lots of other special wedding touches!

If you and your groom would like to learn more about the basics of choosing an outfit, or about wedding planning, The Black Tux offers content that can answer any questions the groom has about style and weddings. This content comes in the form of a hardcover book titled The Groom’s Guide, or similar content can be seen online at The Black Tux. We don’t know about you, but the book sounds like a really great engagement present!

So here’s how their easy process works:

Choose your look – build one or more custom looks to outfit your groom and the rest of  your wedding party

Add your groomsmen – The Black Tux will email everyone else with an outfit that’s ready to rent.
Once you’ve paid for at least one look, they’ll reserve all the suits so you can rest easy.

Use their Event Manager to see who is ready to go way before the big day.

Your suits arrive 14 days before your event. If anything isn’t perfect, they’ll send a free replacement (and pay for return shipping).

They really have thought about everything at The Black Tux. They even have an Inspiration section that showcases real weddings, has a style guide, groom’s guide, and a blog. It helps you to see the wonderful events they have helped other couples create so you can get a good feel for how their suits and tuxedos will look at an actual event. With so much to offer, The Black Tux is an obvious choice for making your groom as handsome as you are beautiful!

Photography  India Earl | Models Quigley &  Alex Goode

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