How To Keep The Romance Alive – Being In Italy Helps

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From the photographer Natalia Shatruik:
Marina and Nicola celebrated their one year anniversary with this photoshoot in Sardinia, Italy. We met them at sunset in the small bay of Calamosca, which is surrounded by a ridge of rocks. In the background, The Calamosca Tower stands on the hill of Sant Elia. This wonderful landmark was built in the 17th century as a part of defensive system to protect the Gulf of Cagliari from pirate attacks.

The look of the couple is a study in contrasts and combines the best of two nations. Marina has a tremendous, almost magnetic beauty and also the fragility of a true Russian girl. Nikola is tall and stately, like a real warrior – which has been the reputation of Sardinians since the days of the pharaohs! Our team fell in love with this couple from the first moments of the shoot. After a few pictures had been taken, Marina and Nicola understood exactly what was needed of them and worked like the real models – even though it was their first photoshoot ever.

The last rays of the sun on this beautiful day gave the photos a warm glow – and the perfect finishing touch!

Photographer Natalia Shatryuk | Venue Sardinia | Dress Galina Sinitsyna | Makeup Darius