Fall Wedding Flowers by Saipua

Saipua Fall Wedding Flowers

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Saipua Fall Wedding Flowers

The fall is a glorious time of year for a wedding. Fruit, flowers, foliage! A holy trilogy of materials with which to decorate a wedding or fete (and cheaply, I might add).

I like a big cornucopia chock full of gourds and sugar pumpkins just as much as much as the next autumn enthusiast. And I really love some mums. But these things can exist apart from the house down the block that’s got an inflatable frankenstein covered in cotton ball cobwebs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! It’s my house actually…

Autumn colors can be interpreted in so many ways. Tones of berry, vermilion and blush. Grape, chartreuse and mustard. Right now I love orange, rust and pink together. When I found these unusual pink-toned mums I was off and running. Mums can be cut and used in bouquets or in centerpieces. Their sprayed stems take up a lot of “real estate” in an arrangement (and like carnations) can be used underneath the fancier flowers you may want to highlight.

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With the fruit available this time of year, I find it’s often best to keep the flowers simple. This shoot used mums (cut from pots purchased 3 for $15), yarrow (cut from the garden), tuberose, foraged wild raspberries and apples. I wonder if you could ask an orchard if they would allow you to purchase some of their trimmings? Doilies and dimpled vase from the Salvation Army. Never underestimate treasures found there. But I don’t have to tell you DIY-ers that.

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