DIY Wedding Pillow Boxes


Oh my…how fun would it be to have feathers thrown as you walk away for the first time as husband and wife. Not a big fan of feathers? You could substitue them for paper mache confetti, pom poms, or the traditional rice option. I love the little quote Laurie came up with to accompany your pillow boxes….

When the newly weds, walk your way – Toss the feathers, and shout “HOORAY”.


What You’ll Need

Decorative Paper (text weight, not cardstock)
Cardboard Pillow Boxes (I used 3″ x 3.5″ x 1″)
Scissors or X-acto knife
Paper glue
The ribbon is from the Martha Stewart Craft collection.   It’s a woven ombre and the color is brick/moonstone.
The papers I used are made by Anna Griffin Inc and Screen Prints.
Feathers are available at any craft store.
Pillow Boxes can be purchased online though The Paper Zone or Packaging Specialties
1. Use one of your pillow boxes as a template.   Lay it down on your decorative  paper and trace around it using a pencil.    Trace two for every pillow box you will be covering.  (see figure 1)
2.  Cut the shapes you just traced using scissors or an X-acto knife. (see figure 2)
3  Coat one side of your box with a thin, even layer of glue and adhere one of your papers.    Repeat this step on the opposite side of the box.
4.   When the glue had completely dried,  close one end of the box by folding in the pre-scored flaps.   (see figure 3)
5.  Cut a length of ribbon, wrap it around the middle of the box a couple of times  and tie it off with a knot, and then a small bow. (see figure  4)
6.  Fill your boxes with feathers, leaving the ends of the feathers sticking out. (see figure 4)
7.  Use your computer and printer to create a small tag for your box with instructions for your guests.  For my tags I wrote “When the newly weds  walk your way, toss these feathers and shout ‘HOORAY”.       Cut out your tags and stick them on using a dot of glue.   (or you can print on label sheets and stick them on your boxes)  (see figure 5)
8.  You can also create a larger sign with instructions  to place near your displayed boxes.  (see figure 6)
9.  Arrange your “feather pillows” in a box, bowl or basket for your guests to take.    Have your guests shower you with feathers as march back down the aisle as newly weds, or as you depart at the end of the evening. (see figure 7)
What it cost:
Pillow boxes – I paid $.39 each when I bought a dozen, but you can get discounts buying larger quantities
Anna Griffin paper – $.75 a sheet (one 12″ x 12″ sheet of paper can cover 4 boxes)
Screen Prints paper – $1.50 a sheet
MS Ribbon – bought on clearance for $2 ( 8 yard roll)

Feathers – $2.50 for 1 oz bag (which will fill 6 or 7 boxes, depending on how full you stuff them)

Project created by Laurie Cinotto