DIY Wedding: Personalized Napkins

DIY Personalized Napkin

DIY Personalized Napkin

DIY Embroidered Napkin

If you are planning a modern rustic wedding, I recommend spend the majority of your energy and budget in finding a conducive venue/space and letting it do most of the heavy lifting, aesthetically. Keep things very minimal and just add small, luxurious details that your guest will interact with on a more personal and intimate level like these personalized napkins. I just took some very simple but nice linen napkins and stitched in the guests’ name in metallic gold thread. It doesn’t take long to do but I think your guests would appreciate the gesture (and I think the time you spend on each guest’s name would be a rewarding exercise, too). Your guests could then take it home with them as a parting favor or I think they would even be lovely stitched together as a quilt…dinner stains and all. 🙂

Modern Rustic Table Setting

You could present the napkins with silverware rolled inside or as a placemat as shown above. Also, you can look for old silver candlesticks like the image on the inspiration board on Etsy, Ebay, and your local Goodwill/flea markets…just make sure to buy ones with more clean lines than frilly to keep the modern edge.

Photos by Jose Villa

Linens and tableware provided by Neiman Marcus in Boston