DIY Wedding Escort Cards

escort wedding cards


Have your guests “pick their own” escort cards by inserting painted popsicle sticks in a bed of sheet moss. As they pull up on their name they will dig up a paper carrot under the ground to find their table assignment. This project is very simple to make and to accommodate all your guests you can either use a larger box or multiple smaller ones. You can also use all different kinds of vegetables that grow under the ground or use a different one to denote each table. I think this is a great project for an upcoming autumn wedding and hope you enjoy it! To see the rest of the project, click “more” below…




craft paper, scissors, large popsicle sticks, glue stick, wooden box (or any container of your choice), sheet moss, gouache paint and paint brush.



I simply cut out the shapes of the carrots and glued them to the popsicle sticks. I then used gouache to paint the guest names one the side of the sticks as well as paint the table number on each carrot (I chose gouache because it works well on both wood and paper).



I filled my box about 2 inches high with moss, enough to hold the sticks securely in position. To insert the sticks into the moss I used the end of my scissors to cut little incisions which allowed the carrots to slide in easily. I decided to add a little painted rabbit to finish off my box but you could also use some sort of figurine, a painted sign, acorns, paper leaves, and so on.

Project created by Anna Bond of Rifle Design