DIY Tissue & Tulle Party Hats

party hat ideas

Plain paper hats can be turned into fun party accessories with a simple spray of paint, tissue paper and tulle. These are perfect for a New Years wedding, bachelorette parties or just thrown around for decoration.

-Ashley of Dolci Odille


Supplies: Scissors, tissue paper, colored tulle, string, hot glue gun, spray paint, and kid’s party hats.

Step 1: Cut your tissue paper and tulle into various sized strips.

Step 2: Gather the strips together in the center with your fingers.

Step 3: Tie a string around the center…double knot! Cut off the excess string.

Step 4: Fluff out the strips to make a pom.

Step 5: Hot glue the pom onto your spray painted party hat!


Project created by Dolci Odille