DIY Lily of the Valley Posy

diy-lily-of-the-valley-bouquet1Laurie and I decided a while back we would love to support etsy sellers by using their products in as many projects as we possibly can, so this week you might notice that the lily of the valley stems are from etsy seller, Caramelos. She has a wonderful store filled with craft goodies, artful supplies, and wide variety of millinery flowers. It is an amazing resource for anyone who is undertaking a DIY project.


What You’ll Need

One dozen silk Lily of the Valley stems

One dozen feathers

One button

One yard of ribbon (1/2 inch wide)

One roll of floral corsage tape

A Pair of scissors



Hot glue gun and glue stick.


Vintage Lily of the Valley stems available through Caramelo’s Etsy Shop

All other supplies are available at your local craft store

1.  Begin by stripping the fluff from the bottom half of your feathers.  (see figure 1)

2.  Take your bundle of Lily of the Valley and fan out the flower stems (see figure 2)

3.  Tuck your feathers in between your stems to make your bouquet.    (see figure 3)

4.  Wrap your stems with floral tape.   (see figure 4)   Floral tape gets sticky when you stretch it, so pull the tape as you wrap.

5.  Cut five pieces of ribbon, approximately 4 inches long.   Use your hot glue gun to attach one ribbon tail at the point were the tape begins, just below the feathers. (see figure 5).   Glue down the other ribbon tail to create a loop.  (see figure 6)

6.  Glue the remaining loops, working your way around the bouquet, then wrap the “handle“ with your floral tape.  (see figure 7)

7.  Take your remaining ribbon, and glue the tail near the bottom of your posy handle. (see figure 8)   Wrap the handle, from bottom to top, covering all of the floral tape, and tack down the end of the ribbon with your glue gun. (see figure 9)

8.  Finish off the posy by stitching down a button at the point where you glued the tail of the ribbon, just below the ribbon loops.  (see figure 10)


Feathers $1

Lily of the Valley  $1.75

Floral tape $2

Ribbon $1.50

Total spent  $6.25

Project created by Laurie Cinotto