DIY Lacy Saucer Centerpieces

diy wedding saucer centerpieces

diy wedding lace centerpieces


What You’ll Need
Terracotta Saucers
Spray Paint (two colors)
Paper Doilies (smaller in diameter than your saucers)
Spray Adhesive
Newspaper or Butcher Paper (to cover your work surface)
Candles, Blooms and Leaves (to trim your saucer)
Latex Gloves
Respirator/ Mask


Terracotta Saucers are available at craft stores, home improvement stores, and garden supply stores and Ikea.
Paper doilies are found at party supply stores, and craft stores. (look in the cake decorating section).
Ikea has just about the best prices on candles.
For this project, you should work outside, or in a well ventilated space.    When using spray paint and spray adhesives,  it’s best to protect yourself with a respirator mask.   Please follow all safety instructions on spray cans.

diy doily centerpiece instructions

1. Start by covering your work surfaces with newspaper or butcher paper.

2. Place you saucer face down, put on your gloves and mask,  and spray paint the bottom and sides of the saucer using either of your two colors.    Allow time to dry and apply a second coat if needed.   (see fig 1)

3.  When the saucer has dried, flip it over, and paint the front side using the lighter paint.  Apply a second coat if needed and allow to dry.

4.  You’ll be using the doilies as your stencil for the trays.   You can use a whole one, or you can take your scissors and carefully cut away the center, and just use the lacy border.     (see figure 2)

5.  Take your doily and lay it upside down on your protected work surface.   Spray a light coat of spray adhesive on the back of the doily.  (see figure 3)

6.   Allow the adhesive to dry for a minute, then place it in the center of your dry, painted saucer, and smooth it down.   (see figure 4)

7.  Using your darker paint color,  spray a coat on the saucer, over the doily stencil.  Keep the can parallel to the saucer as you spray.    Touch up, or spray a second coat if needed.  (see figure 6)

8.  Let the saucer set for a few minutes, then carefully lift your doily stencil to reveal your lacy pattern.  (see figure 7)      (You will be able to use your stencil for several more saucers.  Just allow it to dry between uses, and  spray a little more adhesive on the back if it starts to lose it’s stick. )

9.   Place a cluster of candles on your saucer and trim with loose blooms and foliage.

What it Cost:

Terracotta Saucers  $1 for small, $4 – $6 for large

Spray Paint –  $4.99 per can

Paper Doilies – $2.49 for a pack of 12

Candles – 9.99 for a pack of 5 (Ikea)

Project created by Laurie Cinotto