DIY Flower Girl Wreath



3 yards bark covered wire
1 sheet light blue card stock
3 yards narrow, moss velvet ribbon ( about 1/4″ )
1 handful of reindeer moss
18 tiny corsage leaves ( about 1/2″ long)
butterfly paper punch
wire cutters
hot glue gun and glue stick
Resources: Most of the supplies are readily available in the floral section of any craft store.
Use your wire cutters to cut 3 yards of bark covered wire and coil the wire to the desired wreath size. ( see figure 1 ) You can determine the appropriate size by first using a string to measure the circumference of your flower girl’s head.
Twist the tail of the wire around the wreath to secure the coil. This point will of the wreath will be the “back”.
Cut one yard of ribbon.
Use your glue gun to adhere the tail of the ribbon to the inside of the back of the wreath. Wrap the ribbon around the wreath, leaving some open space to expose the bark covered wire. Continue wrapping until you reach your starting point, glue the end of your ribbon and trim excess. (see figure 2)
Cut two, one yard lengths of ribbon. Find the middle point of each ribbon, and tie the lengths to the back of the wreath to create four “tails”.
Use your hot glue gun to apply the tiny corsage leaves randomly around the outside of the wreath.
Punch out 15 butterflies from the card stock, using your craft punch. Use your thumbnail to make creases at the point where the wings meet the body. and slightly bend the wings upward. (see figure 3)
Glue the 10 butterflies on, and around the leaves and wreath, then glue tiny bits of reindeer moss near the butterflies. You can you tweezers to hold the butterflies and moss to prevent burning your fingers with the hot glue. (see figure 4)
Glue the remaining butterflies on the ribbon tails. Neatly trim the ribbon tails at an angle. (see figure 5)
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Bark covered wire – $10 for a 70 ft spool
Card stock. – .$1 for one sheet
Ribbon – $3 for 3 yards
Reindeer Moss – $2 for a small bag
Corsage Leaves – $4 for a bag of 18 leaves on stems
Total Cost: $20
Project created by Laurie Cinotto