DIY Fabric Flower Boutonnieres

diy fabric flower boutonnieres

Thursday is usually catch up day for all my errands because I know without a doubt I will always have a fabulous post waiting in my inbox from the incredibly talented, Laurie Cinotto. This week’s DIY tutorial is a twist on fresh flower boutonnieres and from the instructions below seems like a pretty easy and inexpensive, diy wedding project to tackle. Enjoy!

fabric wedding boutonnieres

diy fabric flowers

What You’ll Need
Scraps of Fabric (100% cotton fabric, in coordinating colors)
Fabric Coated Wire (also called millinery wire)
Ribbon (1/4 ” wide)
Floral Corsage Tape
Mod Podge (decoupage glue)  (original formula, matte finish)
Pinking Shears
Sponge Paint Brush
Wire Cutters
Resources: The fabrics used are from the Moda “Recess” fabric pack of 5″ squares. Fabric coated wire can be found in the floral section of your craft store.    Mod Podge is in the glue section of craft stores.
diy wedding boutonnieres

Flower Instructions

1.  Begin by cutting a 5″ square of cotton fabric.

2.  Fold in half, then into quarters. (See figure 1 and 2)
3.  Fold in half again to make a triangle (see figure 3)  and then fold in half again.   (It’s just like your folding a snowflake).
4.  Use your pinking shears to cut a rounded “V” shape from  the non-pointy end of the triangle.  (see figure 4)
5.  Unfold your fabric.  It should be shaped like a flower.  ( see figure 5)
6.  Grab your fabric in the center (from the back side) and pinch.  Wrap the wire around the pinched section. (see figure 6)
diy fabric flower wedding boutonnieres
Leaves  (make two of these)
7.  Cut a rectangle of fabric approximately 3″ x 2″   Lay it pattern side down on your work surface.
8.  Use your sponge brush to apply a coat of Mod Podge on the back side of your fabric.   (see figure 7)
9.  Place the coated wire in the center of the right half of your rectangle.  (see figure 8)
10.    Fold the rectangle in half with the wire centered inside, (see figure 9)  smooth out the fabric.  Apply a coat of Mod Podge on the outside surface.
11.  Allow to dry completely.
12.  Cut out a leaf shape, keeping the wire in the center, like a leaf vein.
13,   Cluster your flower and leaves together and wrap with corsage tape.   (Pull the corsage tape while wrapping, it gets sticky when stretched).  (see figure 11)
14.  Use your wire cutters to trim the wires so the “stem” is about two inches long.
15.  Cut an 18″ piece of ribbon, wrap it around the stem and tie off with a bow.
16.  Fluff open your petals and curl your leaves downward.
17.  Use a boutonniere pin to attach to a lapel.
What It Cost:
Fabric – $6.99 (for one pack of 36 five inch squares)
Coated Wire – $3.99 for a pack of 20 strands
Ribbon – $.80 a yard.
Mod Podge – $3.99 for a small bottle

Corsage Tape $1.00 for one roll

Thanks again, Laurie!!