DIY Crochet Ring Bearer Pillow

diy-ring-bearer-pillow-ideasI can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see so many brides take a completely new direction with the ring bearer pillow from the white, satin pouf so commonly used in weddings. I love the modern pillow Vane over at Brooklyn Bride is creating for brides with her gorgeous Hable Construction fabric and Muscari’s birch ring cushion is another favorite of mine.  Laurie created this fabulous crochet ring bearer pillow for this week’s DIY wedding project.


2 identical crocheted doilies with scalloped edges (approximately 4 inches
in diameter)
1 scrap of fabric approximately 5 inches by 10 inches
1 fancy button ( 1 inch in diameter )
18″ of ribbon (1/2″ wide or less)
Coordinating thread
A handful of fiberfill,  polyfill or cotton

Sewing Machine

1.  To make your pillow casing, begin by placing your two crocheted
doilies back to back.   Line up the scalloped edges, and pin together.
(see figure 1)

2.  Machine stitch just inside the scallops of the doily, circling almost
completely around, leaving an opening approximately one and a half inches

3.  Measure the diameter of the circle you just stitched.   Cut two
circles of fabric one half of an inch larger than the diameter of the
stitched circle.     Place the fabric circles face to face, pin,   and
stitch around the edge, 1/4 of an inch in.  Leave an opening approximately
1 and a half inches wide.  Turn your circles right side out and set aside.
This is the pillow lining.  (see figure 2)

4.  Carefully stitch down  your button in the center of the top layer of
the doilies/ pillow casing. (see figure 3)

5.  Stitch down the middle of your ribbon length in the center of the
button. (see figure 4)

6.  Insert your pillow lining into the pillow casing so the openings line
up. (see figure 5)

7.  Stuff your pillow with the filling until it’s plump.

8.  Blind stitch the openings in your lining and casing closed.

9.  Secure your rings on the pillow by tying the ribbon into a bow. (see
figure 6)

Budget and Resources

Nothing was purchased to make this project.  It was created using scraps
and supplies I found in my craft room.  The crochet doilies were old
thrift store finds.  The pillow lining was a scrap from  left over
fabric from my wedding dress.   I didn’t have any fiberfill so I used
cotton balls from the medicine cabinet.   Work with what you’ve got

Thanks so much, Laurie!!

Project created by Laurie Cinotto