Cristina + Michael | Galia Lahav Real Wedding From Silverfox Photography 

Cristina + Michael | September 25, 2016 | Westbury, New York

Every bride feels a deep connection to her wedding dress.  And Cristina is no different.  But her connection to her dress is extra special because it weaves in her work life, a meeting with the designer and a long admiration for the Galia Lahav brand.  Her love for her gown is even part of her reason to sell – because she can’t imagine this dress not being worn again.

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Cristina’s Wedding Dress Search
Two months before my engagement I met Sharon Sever Faibish the designer for Galia Lahav. I never thought 2 months later I’d be picking out my dress with his help. After trying on 9 dresses I thought I’d want to wear, he told me to put on the CRYSTAL gown and I fell in love with it! The dress was so unique and fit so perfectly. I got this crazy butterflies in my stomach and I was so excited to wear the gown for Mike on our day.


How She Felt In Her Galia Lahav
Royal, magical, and beautiful.


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I feel it’s to beautiful to box up and never wear again. I want someone else whose so in love like me and Mike are to feel like a queen the day of her own wedding. This dress is still spoken about to this day it’s definitely a dress that will be remembered. I can’t imagine it never being worn again.

Galia Lahav Real Wedding From Silverfox Photography P092516CM-0767


Wedding Dress: Galia Lahav Crystal | Photography: Anthony Silverfox Photography | Ceremony Venue: St. Brigid’s Church | Reception Venue: Garden City Hotel | Florals: United Floral