Laura + Samuel | Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Samantha Meister Photography

The location for this wedding is simply spectacular.  It’s so innately beautiful that it almost doesn’t even need decoration. But Laura and Samuel added simple and elegant decor that fit the space – and the couple – perfectly.  You’ll smile looking at this pretty wedding, and just might considering moving your location to Cincinnati to host at this venue.

Laura +  Samuel | October 15, 2016 | Cincinnati, Ohio

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The Ceremony
We chose an abandoned church for our ceremony and reception on top of a hill in a historic area of Cincinnati.  Romance, intimacy, old world charm were the ideas we had in mind.  We tapped our friend John, a bleeding heart with acting experience, to officiate the ceremony for us. We also had our mothers give readings since they were not giving speeches. When we finally got to the part where we read our self-written vows (that had not previously been shared with each other) there was not a dry eye left in the room.

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The Reception
We wanted our reception to be a raging party, so after the fancy dinner and speeches we turned off the lights and blasted dance music for the rest of the night. It was epic!

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Laura’s Dress Search
I’m a minimalist but I don’t have the body that can support some of the streamlined, thin fabric, body-con gowns out there.. So, I probably tried on 50 dresses looking for a style that worked. When I finally found this gown at Glamour Closet in LA I knew it was the one- it fit so well to start and required minimal modifications. It hugged my body in the right ways and has understated character in the skirt. Plus, I love dancing, and this one moved so beautifully.


How She Felt In Her Monique Lhuillier Gown
Floating. Loved. Beautiful.

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Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
It was my tailor, actually- she said (in her beautiful Parisian accent): “Your daughter will not want this dress when fashion changes in 20+ years. Sell it. Let someone else enjoy it’s beauty now. Buy a work of art with the proceeds.  Give the work of art to your daughter instead.”



Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier Oceana | Photography: Samantha Meister | Venue: Monastery Event Center | Floral Design:  Hazelfield Farm | Cake: Canteen Bakery