The Best Time To Sell Your Wedding Dress

Millennials are changing the wedding industry, re-inventing it in a modern kind of way and it’s pretty exciting. For thousands of years wedding traditions, decor, venues, etc pretty much remained the same.

It got to the point that if you were invited to a wedding you kind of knew what to expect for decor, dress, and venue. And we have to admit it made weddings pretty boring.

But now, with the new wedding evolution that is being driven by millennials, every wedding is unique, exciting and unexpected. Everything from more “interactive wedding activities” to selling your wedding dress after the wedding, the sky is limit for weddings today. So, it got us thinking…

If you aren’t sentimental and planning to keep your wedding dress forever, what is the best time to sell your wedding dress?

What Do I Do With My Wedding Dress After The Wedding?

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This is a question that is asked by every bride. At some point in your wedding planning, you have to think about what you are going to do with your wedding dress after the wedding.

Many brides decide to stick to tradition and save it forever. Maybe for their daughter to wear, or just as a keepsake to look back on (and dream of fitting into again). But today, Millennials are seeing the world, life and – yes! – weddings differently. Those ancient traditions are not as important.

One of the most popular trends in 2020 weddings is to give your dress a second (or third) trip down the aisle. Whereas in previous years Brides wanted to get their wedding dress preserved and keep it forever, modern-day Brides want to see their wedding gown make another Bride happy.

Giving your wedding dress a new life is like a right of passage. You are becoming a wife and transitioning into a different phase of life and hanging onto material things just isn’t important to you. So why not make another Bride’s dreams come true?

How To Sell My Wedding Dress Online

We would like to say there is an “exact science” to selling your wedding dress online. But the truth is each and every dress is unique.

We have stories from Brides that their wedding dress sold within a few days and some that took months, or even a year. It all boils down to when you sell it, how you price it, and if it is a popular style that Brides are searching for now. 

Think about it this way. If you got married 15 years ago and are now considering selling your wedding dress, you may not have as much luck as someone that is selling a dress from the most current wedding dress collections. Styles and trends come and go, so older wedding gowns may not sell too fast, where newer styles are in higher demand.

A Guide To The Best Time To Sell Your Wedding Dress

To make your wedding planning and after the wedding life easier we put together a great guide on the best time to sell your wedding dress. And while there is no perfect science to it, there certainly are advantages to selling at the right time. Here are some great tips for being successful in selling your bridal gown.

How Long After The Wedding Should I Wait To Sell Wedding Dress?

One of the most important aspects of selling your wedding dress is to not wait too long. We know, after the wedding you will still be swooning over all the emotions and high on love for weeks. But the secret, insider tip to selling your wedding dress is this: list it on your favorite used wedding dress websites two weeks BEFORE the wedding.

What? Sounds crazy right? Well, to be honest, it’s not. You see it will take a little time for newly engaged brides to find your dress so the sooner you list it the better! Current trending styles are the easiest to sell so getting your gown listed on websites such as PreOwnedWeddingDresses or Once Wed sooner rather than later is best!

Imagine being on your honeymoon and receiving offers to buy your wedding dress? This can be a reality if you do it right. Get your wedding dress listed before or immediately after the wedding for the best results.

Best Time Of Year To Sell My Wedding Dress

Now that you know the best time to sell your wedding dress is immediately (or definitely within 6-12 months) of your wedding, we want to give you a little insight into which months are the best time to list your bridal gown to get the best results.

October seems to be the most popular month for listing your wedding dress for sale. The reason? Most weddings across the United States happen between June and September so it only makes sense that more wedding dresses will be listed for sale in October.

Does that mean it is the best month to sell? Well, it could be because your dress is still popular and being searched for by Brides. But since it is the most popular month to list dresses means there may be more competition.

Best Month To Sell Your Used Wedding Dress

Everyone knows that the most popular time of year for engagements is, of course, the holidays. But a little known fact is that most brides will begin shopping right away, or within 3-4 months of getting engaged. So, that means if you want to be successful selling your wedding dress the best time to get it listed is January!

Listing your wedding dress in January ensures that newly engaged Brides will be trying on the gown you purchased in the boutique and searching for it online at a better price. Which means they will be looking for the gown you have for sale! A win-win!

Best Time Of Day To List Your Wedding Dress For Sale

The time of the day may not be too significant in selling your wedding dress, but there are some advantages to certain times. People are more active on their phones during idle time such as lunchtime or in the evening. Because of this, we suggest that you complete your listing during one of these timeframes.

At lunch, Brides will hop onto the internet to find inspiration and search for wedding dresses. If you complete your listing, and she is online scrolling through wedding gowns, yours would appear early in the results because it is a new listing.

Want more ideas on what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding? Click here for more ideas.

The right bride is out there searching the internet for her dream wedding dress. Don’t miss her! Let’s get your wedding dress listed now.