Elegantly Styled Bridal Session Inspires Beaded Boho Looks on the Beach and Classic Looks in a Castle

From Monika, the photographer: 

“This editorial is inspired by miracle Miramar’s chapel located just south of Porto, Portugal – a tiny chapel surrounded by the beach and rocks. It looks like the Atlantic could easily swallow and indeed every day crashing waves creates dramatic backdrop for this castle. And yet it stands, isn’t it a miracle? It’s all about the harmony, closeness, everlasting devotion and embraces…

This editorial was dreamt up thinking about awakening nature and embracing ourselves from the heart, being free and yet, gentle, so color palette vary from classic ivory, shades of champagne, and nudes and highlights everlasting heirloom boho elegance paired with modern lines, 3d hand detailing, and beautiful laces. The sand on the bride’s foot, the wind in her hair, sun kisses on the face and lovely, romantic dreams in her heart make the story like a dreamy love song in which you can lost yourself for a minute. While wondering in the beautiful streets of old town adds a different touch and reveals more secrets that only those amazing historical buildings with stunning architecture could remain.”

“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.” Bob Goff

Photographer: Monika Dovidaite |Dress/Outfit Designer: Jurgita Bridal | Hair and Makeup Artist: Pretty Exquisite | Shoes: Bella Belle | Stationary: Bruknes Vestuves | Ribbons: Florentes |