Beautiful Venues (Require Less Decoration)

One way to create a great impact on your reception while trimming the decor budget is to choose a beautiful venue.  A special venue will envelop your guests in it beauty, style and atmosphere without too much need for embellishment.  Prime examples are museums, gardens, patios, restaurants and even zoos.

Melinda Massie Events and Consulting
has planned several events were in the gallery of a local zoo.  The room itself is a round room with vaulted ceilings, bamboo walls and rare artwork.  Because of the stunning nature of the room, centerpieces didn’t need to be more than just a little something to take up the center of the tables.

Fort Worth Zoo

Melinda’s used simple centerpieces like:
•    A trio of rectangular, clear glass vases.  With each vase filled with water to a different height and floating candles inside.
•    Bonsai trees on small decorative rugs
•    Silver bud vases (that were actually plastic) with a single pink rose.  Various shades of pink rose petals surrounded the base of the vase.
•    Decorative plates of different sizes, a few candles and some beautifully colored stones.
•    A clear glass globe filled with water and a couple of flowers floated on top.

Check your local museum, gallery, zoo or other non-traditional venue to see what options they might have.

And thank you Melinda for the inspiration!