Am I Doing This Legal Stuff Right in My Business?

As wedding vendors, most of us are better at picking fonts and color palettes than the “paperwork part” of our businesses. We all have those “Am I doing this right?” thoughts that haunt us as business owners. We know that “legal stuff” is important but we hardly even know what all it entails let alone how to do it right and feel confident.

  • Contracts, taxes, and insurance… :/
  • What if one of my contractors falls and hurts herself on an event day?
  • What if I’m doing my taxes wrong?
  • What if something goes wrong and a client tries to sue me?

We tend to spend more of our time on the urgent, fun, or familiar parts of our work because we don’t know how to tackle these challenges head on. We just let them hang over us and take up space in our brain, never really knowing if our businesses are truly protected.

But what if “all that legal stuff” wasn’t as complicated as it sounds?