Alexandra + Bryan | Carolina Herrera Real Wedding From Native Weddings

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The Ceremony
Our wedding was a traditional Jewish ceremony with modern twists. The Rabbi who performed our ceremony also performed my Husband’s Bar Mitzvah when he was 13, so that was a really nice, personal touch.

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Carolina Herrera Real Wedding From Native Weddings
Alexandra + Bryan

The Reception
Our reception was stunning! We had a 7 piece band, a wood-burning fireplace, and there were candles lit everywhere. It was elegant with a rustic touch and everyone danced all night long. We didn’t even see the dessert!

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Alexandra’s Wedding Dress Search
I must have tried on around 20 dresses. I had an idea of what I wanted but nothing quite fit the bill. I saw a photo of my dress on the website of a shop that I had been to already a couple months after visiting. I couldn’t get the dress out of my mind and knew I had to go back and try it on. As soon as I came out of the dressing room wearing it my mother burst into tears. That is how I knew it was perfect.


How She Felt In Her Carolina Herrera Wedding Gown
I felt as though I have never worn anything as amazing as my wedding dress. I know that it is the best article of clothing that has ever been on my body and will ever be! I felt perfect and it was the perfect dress.

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Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
While I would love to admire the dress forever, I know that it is not doing any good sitting in the closet! I would love for another person to have the same feeling as I did while wearing it, and it doesn’t hurt to make back a little bit of money in the process!



Wedding Dress: Carolina Herrera Claudette |Photography:Lauren Vitiello & Lauren Sims at
Native Weddings | Venue: The Ryland Inn | Floral Design: Viburnum Designs