5 Wedding Gift Ideas That Are Perfect for Older Couples

Older couples getting ready to tie the knot probably don’t need a new blender or toaster oven, however gifts are still appreciated. Without stressing yourself or just offering up a greeting card, use our guide and our ideas to find something that strikes accord with the couple close to you saying, “I do.”

From hot air balloon rides to monogrammed towels, there’s something for all kinds of styles and walks of life you can find below. Check out the following wedding gift ideas ideal for more sophisticated newlyweds…and feel free to get creative!

Gifts That Bring New Experiences & Opportunities

Give the gift of a fantastic experience! Provide your favorite couple with a wonderful spa weekend, a few hours at the race or go-kart track, or even a skydiving or bungee jumping package! Ask them for ideas if you need to, or simply say “What’s something you have never done before that has always piqued your interest?”

Hot Air Balloon Ride

It’s exciting, it’s a bit daring and will provide an experience that will truly last a lifetime. The photos, the views that will leave one breathless, a hot air balloon ride is surely something unexpected and loads of fun! And the best part is picking the location. Look into their honeymoon spot first to see if you can have this “experience” ready and waiting for them!

Dinner in the Dark

With a bit of research, you should be able to find a location near where the    newlyweds live or where they’re vacationing to make it happen. Although the “experience” goes by an array of different – and clever – names, Dinner in the Dark can also be a memory that the couple will remember forever. Good, bad, full of giggles and great dessert, it’s perfect for the foodie fans!

Couple’s Massage

This may not be one of the more unique ideas, but it’s still one that will make the couple smile. Give them a gift card to cash in on when they’re in the mood or set it up for them to include on their cruise or resort plans following the wedding. After planning a wedding, they’ll need to loosen up a bit and relax!

Donations Made in Their Honor

Donate money to the couple’s favorite charity, whether it be a women’s shelter or local soup kitchen, animal shelter, environmental cause, or something else they feel strongly about. The couple might ask for donations in lieu of gifts, in which case you can simply type in a dollar amount.

Habitat For Humanity

The beauty of Habitat For Humanity is that it already has a reputation that people know and trust. Helping to provide a warm and reliable home for families is their main goal. Helping those in unfortunate circumstances get off their feet and better their future, it starts at home. And with our money – and volunteers –  we can all help to make the happenings of it come a bit easier.

Feeding America


Feeding America’s focus is just that, feeding America. It’s often overlooked how although the U.S. is known for wasting billions of pounds of food a year – according to the organization’s website –  there are millions of children and adults going hungry every single day in the country. Charity donations go towards getting nourishing meals into the bellies of those who truly need it.

Doctors Without Borders


When disaster strikes, it’s those under Doctors Without Borders that will and can respond immediately. Wherever there is a need, that’s where the medical aid travels too. And with charitable donations we can all keep this beautiful purpose afloat. Whether it’s an epidemic or a spot in the world where healthcare isn’t available, these teams come together and provide care for the public.

Handmade Gifts

Make a gift for the couple if you are “crafty.” Ideas include scrapbooks, painted or embellished photo frames complete with pictures of the couple, or even a set of his-or-her jewelry. Use your talents to create a gift from the heart the couple will really appreciate.

Shop Etsy


If you aren’t actually the most crafty though, you can buy a handmade gift and still give that homemade, cozy feeling. There are tons of different ideas to sift through depending on your relationship with the couple as well as their tastes, likes and interests. Just do a bit of searching.

Wine Rack


Why not bust out some tools and create something that’s functional? If you’ve got a pair of wine lovers on your hands, here’s a great idea from Lowe’s. Springboard from this idea. You could even paint or dip some glassware for a wet bar that they already have in their home!

Gift Baskets


You can get really creative with this one as well. What do you get a couple that has everything? You create a themed or personalized gift basket of goodies of course! From Italian dinner night staples or everything they’d need for the perfect movie night, these gifts are both handmade and full of fun.

Gifts for the Home


If you know they’re moving into a fresh space or feel like adding something to their life that they’ll be able to use everyday, home gifts shouldn’t be nixed just because the couple is a bit older. There are still plenty of ways to warm their house and celebrate with the newlyweds.

A Piece of Art


It doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive, it just has to be beautiful and inspiring. Whether it’s a larger piece they can put above their mantle or a smaller piece they can hang in a more private space, art lasts a lifetime so it’s always a great choice for a gift! A customized map, personal photos put on canvas or something you found at an art fair, these are all great options.

Monogrammed Towels


New towels are always a standard when it comes to wedding gifts. The best part is, they’ll always be used! But why not take it up a notch by finding the softest, biggest spa towels around for the happy couple? And then, get them monogrammed with their last name, separate initials or something charming like “his” and “hers.”

Recipe Book


Gift them with a new recipe book – one that can hold all of their family recipes in one spot. It’s the perfect way to keep their favorites in one, safe place, never lost and all of the secrets to the Christmas dinner can be passed on throughout generations with ease.

Gifts To Make Them Feel Great


With these gifts, you can provide some excitement, butterflies or something to look forward to. From date night ideas to outside-the-box presents they may have never thought of before, this is where you can get really creative with what you’d like to surprise the newlyweds with.

Monthly Subscriptions


Whether it’s the Snack of the Month Club or Wine of the Month Club, sign them up for a subscription service that they can have fun with and look forward to every turn of the calendar page! It also gives the couple an excuse to get together and make a date night out of the new goodies coming through the mailbox.

Matching/Personalized Carry On Bags


And these gifts will give them an even better and bigger reason why they should keep traveling past their honeymoons! They’ll love that they each get their “own” gift with this choice but it’s still very much for a couple. They can dote over their new bags and dream about all of the new places they’ll be able to explore together.

A Brick


Okay, okay, this may sound silly but listen. You can buy a personalized brick for the newlyweds and write a beautiful letter to go with it. This “firm foundation” piece will really get them off on the right foot.  Scout out their alumni or local park  for availability in their new construction. Their names will be at the location for years to come.

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