5 Essential Little White Dresses


Sure, you have THE dress, but what about the other dresses for other wedding-related occasions? Engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, post-wedding brunches…there’s plenty of events to keep you busy other than the wedding! Little White Dresses are the fabulous opposite of Little Black Dresses, and are very, very appropriate for all the aforementioned events you need to attend. Check out five options guaranteed to make you feel amazing:

1. Chic and Sleeveless

Nothing says “I know how to rock summer style” like a chic, sleeveless little white dress! Pair it with cute sandals or a fabulous pair of wedges and wear it to an outdoor wedding rehearsal dinner or your post-wedding brunch.

little white dress wedding

2. Haute Halter

An effortlessly stylish, totally classic look, a white halter dress is simple and fabulous. It works for pretty much any wedding occasion, whether getting married on a yacht or in a boutique hotel.

little white halter dress

3. Luminous Lace

If “glamour” is the order of the day, a beautiful lace dress with a metallic sheen is ideal if “glittery décor” is the theme of your wedding. Wear it with your favorite pair of glittery heels and be the belle of your ball.

little lace white dress

4. Flared Frock

Love the flared skirt look? Find a stunning flared dress and wear it to your wedding reception. Don’t forget to take it on your honeymoon, either! It works with heels as well as strappy sandals. Nice!

little white dress flared

5. Sophisticated Sheath

A white sheath is the definition of timeless. Find one with a “modest” neckline, as it works for basically every shape and size. Add a blazer and wear it again!

little white dress sheath


Pick one (or several) of these options and enjoy looking stunning throughout your wedding festivities!