5 Creative Ways to Add Your Kids to Engagement Photos

Your kids are your world, so it’s a no brainer to want to include them in your engagement photos. It’s a very sweet and sentimental way to document this next step as a family or the blending of two families together.

Of course, it’s not always easy to get kiddos, especially babies, to sit still and smile for a long time but it is possible! Here are some fun and easy ways to get the kids involved while capturing the photos you desire. 

A unique backdrop

Man and woman holding a child

Courtesy: onebighappyphoto.com

Sometimes the easiest way to get creative with photography is to use a cool backdrop. You could schedule a family portrait session in a photography studio or order your own backdrop, like these awesome ones from Kate Backdrop. The website features a huge selection of options, like this retro floral design, or even fun options like a telephone booth with wall grafitti! No matter what your interests are, you’ll be able to find a backdrop that speaks to your personalities. Plus, you get to keep the backdrop!

Their blog also has other guides that will help you improve your photography skills if you’re looking to tackle a DIY photoshoot!

Phone booth and graffiti wall backdrop

Courtesy: Kate Backdrop

If you’re taking photos at home, set up the backdrop and have your photographer, preferably one that specializes in family or child photography, come over for a photo session. Have a relative, friend or neighbor watch your kids while you and your partner take a few shots together. 

When you’re ready to add your kiddo, pull out their favorite toy, snack, or song to play to get their attention and snap away. The great part about this option is if they’re fussy, you can always step into another room and return when they’re ready. 

Use a prop

Little girl holding prop sign with couple in forest background

Courtesy: pinterest.com via @lidiamtz_30

Another cute idea is to give your kid a prop. Trust us, they’ll love having a job to do—it makes them feel important and included. We love the idea of using a chalkboard or sign to tell a message like: 

  • “Save the date”
  • “Daddy asked, mommy said yes!”
  • “And we love her too!”
  • “About time, dad!”
  • “Mommy/Daddy is getting married!” 

The best way to capture this photo is to get the couple set first, then add your kid into the photo at the last second. You could even do a silly photo of them playing with the sign or striking a funny face. The result is pure gold.

Be active and move about!

Man and woman swinging their child by the arms

Courtesy: Adobe Stock via NDABCREATIVITY

Time to get active! Kids love to swing, so get in motion and bring some fun to your photos. For younger kids, hold hands with you and your partner and swing them in the air. Older kids can sit on a tree swing and pose with you and your future spouse. They’ll love it and you’re sure to get a smile out of everyone.

A kissing arch

Kissing arch with baby in the middle

Courtesy: pinterest.com via @cherylpsnow 

You’re not supposed to kiss and tell, but we’re telling everyone about this cute pose. You have two options here: kiss your kiddo or kiss each other. For the first option, stand close to your partner, like you’re about to kiss each other. Then, have your babysitter quickly add your kid into one of your arms, squeezing them in the middle. 

We also love the second option, where your kid is framed by you and your partner kissing each other! Again, have you and your partner get set up first and then put your kid in the background and capture their reaction. For older kids, have them make a grossed-out face or cover their eyes for a comical twist.

Hands & Feet

Photo of hands on top of each other

Courtesy: Adobe Stock via capable97

This last option is great for newborn or toddlers, especially if they’re not wanting to cooperate. Stack all your hands on top of each other, just like teammates do, for a sweet and simple pose.  

If you’ve got a newborn, place your engagement ring on one of their cute little toesies! It’s super precious and sentimental, plus it’s a great way to show off the new bling. If you’re looking to take newborn specific photos, Kate Backdrop has a large selection of kids and baby backdrops as well.

Wedding ring on baby's foot

Courtesy: Adobe Stock via wedphoto