Leslie + Bradford | Zahavit Tshuba Real Wedding From Dan O’Day Photography

Leslie + Bradford | August 22, 2015 | Dripping Springs, Texas

You can tell when a couple has effortless style. And Leslie and Bradford most definitely do.  Every aspect of this amazing wedding is filled with thought and significance and was clearly planned with their guests’ experience in mind.  There’s so much to love about this wedding, but the fact that the groom pushed his bride to buy a second dress when she didn’t love her first has really got our hearts melting.

Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0126Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0169Zahavit Tshuba Real Wedding From Dan O'Day PhotographyLeslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0199Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0213Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0222 Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0226 Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0230 Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_077 Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_084Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_081 Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_083 Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_089 Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_154Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_108 Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_109 Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_111 Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_122 Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_125Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_201

The Ceremony
Our ceremony was simple, organic, and spiritual. We didn’t have our wedding party in matching clothes, but we made sure our grandmothers were our flower girls. With my husband being a wedding photographer, we have been involved in hundreds of weddings, so our main focus was that we kept the ceremony natural. We didn’t want to do anything just because it was expected. We had a friend become ordained to marry us, and we wrote our own vows and both ended up in tears. We concluded our ceremony by having all of our guests circle around us to pray/sending us good vibes/etc. and it was the most emotion filled moment of our lives thus far.

Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0280 Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0442Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0446Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0495Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0498

The Reception
We had guests fly in from all over the country, so we definitely wanted to party with our crew for as long as possible. Our seating chart was a handwritten note to every single guest because we were so thankful for everyone to be there. We had craft cocktails flowing all night, the best DJ on the planet flew in from LA, and we served up Austin’s best BBQ. Our design team had giant balloons filled that we popped throughout the dance party to shower everyone in confetti, and they also created glow in the dark graphics on the concrete dance floor. For our guests that weren’t party animals, they played in the photobooth for hours. We are still talking about our reception months later. It was the greatest celebration for the greatest people.

Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0321Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0203 Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0208Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0384Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0351 Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0359 Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0362 Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0669Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0657Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0772Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0884Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0782 Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0957Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0995Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_0969Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_1075

Leslie’s Dress Search
I actually bought a dress before this one because I was pressured into buying, and once it came in I hated it, and my sweet husband ordered me to go find my dream dress. I went to a trunk show by myself at Neiman Marcus Bridal Salon in Dallas and fell in love with the entire Zahavit Tshuba line. I knew this dress was the one because I had been dreaming of an open back/semi-non traditional dress for our summer wedding in Texas.

Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_046 Day_1_Leslie_Bradford_Kill_Me_In_All_The_Right_Ways_043

How She Felt in Her Zahavit Tshuba
Beautiful, Sexy, Natural


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I decided to sell my dress because honestly it is too beautiful to be sitting in a closet. I know it would look amazing on someone else, and I would love to offer that at a more affordable price point.


Wedding Dress: Zahavit Tshuba Megan| Photography: Dan O’Day | Venue:  Prospect House | Event Design: Yeti & The Beast | Floral Design: Gather + Bloom