Writing Wedding Vows for the Bride

To wrap up our series on writing wedding the perfect wedding vows, we’ve got some advice from Michelle Leo on how Brides can write vows for her groom.

When a bride makes the big decision to write her own vows, it can be quite an undertaking. Chances are she’s never written something so personal intended to be shared in front of so many. Although challenging, when I was a bride, I chose to author my vows because I felt strongly that pre-existing vows written by someone else would simply not feel unique enough nor adequately express what I wanted to share. 

Most brides who chose to write their own vows do so because they want their testimony of love to be personalized and truly express their feelings in their own words. Getting personal and incorporating your unique love story is the best place to start when writing your vows to him. Here are some ways to into incorporate your individuality when writing your vows for him:

Tell Your Story: Your love is unique and like no other love story. Incorporating these individualized details into your vows is what makes your vows truly special and unique. Start by identifying how your love began and focus on the traits that drew your close to him. Share how you felt when you began dating and how and why your love blossomed into something deep and meaningful. Talk about the moments you shared with him that made you feel special and the things about him that make him undeniably perfect for you. These are beautiful moments he’ll reflect upon affirming his decision in asking you to be his wife. 

Identify Your Future Story: Your vows should not only contain your confessions of love for him, but also your promises and desires for your future together with him. Address the parts of your relationship you look forward to growing with him by your side and how you envision your life spent with him. What things are you looking forward to experiencing with him? What excites you when you think about your future together? How does he make you a better person and what goals do you share together that will help you embrace the world as team? These are things that you’ll be able to reflect on throughout your marriage and fall back on when you face challenges together.

Promise to Honor Your Story: The entire purpose of coming together on your wedding day is to profess in front of your closest friends and family the love and honor you have for him. This is your opportunity to promise to protect and cherish that love you have built together. Make a commitment to value your story and continue writing your future story together through the ups and downs. Identify the ways you promise to grow with him instead of apart from him and the ways you will rely on him as his wife and best friend. Promise to continue writing the best love story you know how, together with him by your side.

Most importantly, set aside any pre-conceived fears of what others will think, and write from your heart. When you write from your heart and tell your individual story, it will be pure, honest and cherished by the most important person of all- him

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Photographer: Polly Alexandre | Graphic: Hannah Lee | Article: Michelle Leo of Michelle Leo Events