Will the Catholic Church Forgive Me for Adultery?

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Second Marriage Question: I was married for 18 years and am now divorced. I was unfaithful to my husband. I regret the choice that I made to be unfaithful the week after that happened. I made the choice to leave my husband. I didn’t leave him for just that reason.

I married him in a catholic ceremony and a few years later we left the Catholic Church and began attending a non-denominational church. I am still with the man I left him for and we are engaged to be married. I no longer attend that church, for obvious reasons, one being my ex-husband still attends there and they basically told me that I was not going to inherit the kingdom of heaven because I committed adultery. Recently I got a text message (wrong number), and it happened to be a a seminarian. I feel like the Lord brought him into my life to bring me back to the Catholic Church. He has been encouraging me to come back. My fiance is not religious but has gone to church with me and supports me completely. Can I be forgiven for committing adultery and leaving my first husband? My ex-husband’s church is very anti-catholic and claims it’s a cult that worships idols. I do not agree with that at all, but could that make getting an annulment difficult if he refuses to cooperate?

Remarriage Expert

I’m not the religion expert, but I believe that your husband does not have to agree or even participate for you to get an annulment. My fiance did not want an annulment and he admitted that in the paperwork filed. Yet his ex-wife was granted her annulment based on her own admitted flaws in the marriage. We’ll let the religion and annulment experts answer you officially. And, of course, since you’ll have to go to a priest in your diocese to instigate the annulment process we always recommend seeking guidance there.

But, I really wanted to say that I love the portion of your story about the text message. God sure does work in mysterious ways! Follow your heart.

Kay and Dennis Flowers-Authors of Catholic Annulment, Spiritual Healing

Yes, in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is absolutely forgiveness for your sin. You have already shown repentance and regret. As the site administrator has already advised you, please speak with a priest.

Because the Catholic Church displays statues, many people erroneously believe Catholics pray to them as idols. As you have voiced, this is not true.

As for the annulment, if you and your former spouse are both baptized Catholics then you will need to fill out the long form, which contains many thought-provoking and soul-searching questions. Please use these questions to help yourself heal from the emotional trauma of your past and move forward into stronger faith in God.

Your former husband will have to be contacted about the annulment (your caseworker can do this for you), but he doesn’t have to respond for your application to proceed. The tribunal will look at the evidence you and your witnesses provide and make a prayful decision, even if your former husband refuses to cooperate.

May God comfort you with His amazing love.

Thank you for your response to my question, I have scheduled an appointment with the priest. I’m looking forward to having a candid conversation with him about my life and coming back and being part of the Catholic family once again.