Wide Sashes Galore

The role of flower girl in a wedding dates back to Greek and Roman times, when children would scatter grains and herbs in the bride’s path to symbolize fertility. In medieval times, flower girls waved grains of wheat to symbolize growth, fertility, and renewal.

Today, it is said that the bride walks on flower petals to guarantee a smooth and joyous path in life.

Personally, I love going to weddings with children in the wedding party.  There is something about their complete obliviousness to the magnitude of the event that is completely charming. And there is something about those wide sashes and sweet dresses that makes me want to scoop those little girls up and take them straight over to the dessert table for a treat.

If you are still on the hunt for an off-the-cuteness-chart flower girl dress, here are some of  my favorites:

This duponi silk dress from Eve & Ellie is quite possibly the best flower girl dress I’ve ever seen.  If you ask me, the entire collection from Eve & Ellie is worth taking a look at.

Eve & Ellie Flower Girl Dress

Others I love are:

Fox 'n' Lily Flower Girl Dressfrom Fox’n’ Lily

malleyandcofrom Malley and Co

UsAngels Flower Girl Dressesfrom UsAngels

usangels flower girl dressfrom UsAngels

Dessert table anyone?