Why Shop Pre-owned Wedding Dresses?

Whether you’ve been eyeing your dream dress on the pages of a magazine or following a favorite designer on Instagram for longer than you can remember, you’re not alone when it comes to knowing exactly what wedding dress you want as soon as the engagement ring hits your finger.

When that dress goes from being a dream to being something you are actually in the market for (#finallyputaringonit) it can be heartbreaking to find out that the dress of your dreams has the price tag of your wedding budget nightmares.
Fear not though, all hope of walking down the aisle in your must-have dress is not gone! Don’t let a price tag deter you from getting what you want. Looking for a pre-owned version of your dream dress allows you to spend less and still get what you want.  A pre-owned dress is the same exact dress you’ve been dreaming of, just with a friendlier price. And seriously, who doesn’t love to save money?

If you’re questioning the idea of wearing used wedding dress for your big day, the first step is to change your mindset. Stop looking at dresses as used and start thinking of them as “new to you,” which is exactly what they are. Whether a dress has been worn once before or ten times before, a pre-owned dress is as good as new to you.

Pre-owned dresses are clean (if you get them through Nearly Newlywed). When you buy a new dress at the store, it will almost always require altering. Brought in, let out, adjusted neckline, added belt, the list of possible alterations goes on. When you walk down the aisle, that dress is completely different from what it was in the store. It’s yours now. The same goes for shopping pre-owned. It doesn’t matter where it’s been or how it looked, what matters is how it looks on you. It’s altered to fit your body. Where it started doesn’t matter, it’s how you wear it at your wedding. Dresses are meant to be worn and seen, not left sitting in the back of someone’s closet never to be looked at again.

So let that dress you’ve idolized on your Pinterest board make you feel like the princess you’ve always dreamed of being  Shop from designers you love and thought you’d never be able to afford. Find a dress you love it and make it your own, because that’s exactly what it is!

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